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What We Do

Physician Wound Care Oversight

Our providers work directly with Primary Care Physicians, Home Health Care agencies, and all involved specialties to optimize care.

Improve Healing Rates

Our hands on, personalized on-site care results in improved compliance, faster healing rates and improved quality of life.

Advanced Diabetic Wound & Foot Care

We utilize the most advanced, FDA approved wound care products in the market and perform indicated procedures in the convenience of your home.

Clinical Podiatry

Podiatric consultations, diagnostics, and preventative treatment available in the convenience of your home specifically for the diabetic population.

A few words about us

We are a specialty medical practice focused on providing treatment to the diabetic wound care population in the convenience of their home.  Understanding the high risk of such patient population, we provide a team based approach consisting of an oversight Physician, patient care coordinator, and medical assistant for each patient.  Our goal is to improve access, decrease amputation rates, and enhance quality of life.

How it all came to be…

After 14+ years of practice and performing many diabetic foot surgeries, Dr. Rivera saw that a significant percentage of amputations performed could be prevented.  He attributed the results of each patient’s condition to three important components:  1. access, 2. education, 3. support system & compliance.  With that in mind, WoundMD was founded.  By improving access and bringing the care to the patient, we are able to provide effective treatment, educate the patient and family members, enhance accountability and compliance, and  enhance outcomes.

$17 Billion

Estimated annual cost of diabetes related foot ulcers to the U.S. Healthcare system.


Lifetime risk of a diabetic patient developing a foot ulcer.

20 seconds

Every 20 seconds, someone undergoes an amputation.


Chronic wound patients cost the healthcare system 4 times more than non-wound patients to care for.

Wound MD, bringing a new approach to diabetic foot health.


More than 50% of diabetic foot ulcers become infected.  Diabetes contributes to approximately 80% of 120,000 non-traumatic amputation annually in the U.S.


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