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Explore the Benefits of a Partnership With WoundMD

A partnership with WoundMD provides unmatched benefits, including expert patient care, increased financial savings, and so much more. Our Wound Care Providers in Orlando are ready to provide unmatched care to patients.


Home Healthcare Agencies and Post Acute Facilities

Benefits of partnering with WoundMD for home healthcare agencies and post-acute facilities include:


Add an advanced wound care provider and oversight with no overhead cost to you and differentiate yourself from competitors.


Ensure a safety net for urgent or complicated cases.


Avoid unnecessary hospital admission and potential loss of patients to a higher cost of care facility

Hospital and Health Systems

WoundMD Provides advanced wound care in the comfort of the patient’s home, leading to cost savings, reduced complications, and increased patient satisfaction. We provide our services in coordination with your organization’s unique needs to achieve improved healing rates and enhanced patient outcomes. 

In partnering with WoundMD, your health system will:

  • Extend care to patients
  • Improve outcomes
  • Prevent unnecessary admissions
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase patient satisfaction
$ Billion

Estimated annual cost of diabetes-related foot ulcers to the U.S. Healthcare system.


Lifetime risk of a diabetic patient developing a foot ulcer.


Every 20 seconds, someone undergoes an amputation.


Chronic wound patients cost the healthcare system 4 times more than non-wound patients to care for.

Quality Wound Care in the Comfort of the Patient’s Home

WoundMD is equipped with all the tools to provide advanced wound care in the comfort of the patient’s home, making every visit easy and convenient. Our team eliminates the need for transportation and other expenses, aiding in the decrease of no-shows and an increase in access to superb patient care.

Optimize Patient Outcomes

With easier access to advanced wound care procedures, our on-site patient care model results in increased compliance, faster healing rates, and improved quality of life.

Decrease No-Shows & Hospital Traffic

We bring care to the patient with ​our at-home clinical services. This eliminates frequent no-shows in clinician’s offices and reduces overall traffic in the hospital!

Reduce Readmissions

Socioeconomic factors, including lack of transportation access, are often a common cause of high readmission rates. Our at-home services take the guesswork away.

Increase Cost Savings

Our at-home personalized care model improves patient outcomes and decreases complications & infection rates, which all lead to savings for both the patient and the healthcare system.

Access Advanced Tissue Analytics Technology

Through the use of advanced Tissue Analytics technology, WoundMD can provide providers with additional data on the patient's wound progression.

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