Mechanism of Action of Amniotic ECM Treatment

Dr. Jose A. Rivera, DPM, FABFAS

Director, Foot & Ankle Services at OrthoRegenX

While traditional amniotic products don’t have live stem cells, they do have two interesting things going for them. First, they may have unique cytokines and growth factors that may help tissue healing.  Second, and likely more important, is that they are likely an all-purpose ECM.

It has been demonstrated that various ECM products help change the environment for healing. Basically, they are able to take local macrophages (the cells that help repair by taking out the garbage) to go from an M1 state (pro-inflammation and breakdown) to an M2 state (pro-growth and repair). So the efficacy of amnion may be more about its ability to shift a chronic injury site from scarring, swelling, and poor repair to lower inflammation and repair.

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