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Decreased Readmission Rates


Better Outcomes


Improved Quality of Life

At-Home Care That Improves Patient Outcomes

Wound MD has accepted the challenge to reimagine care outside the four walls of the hospital setting. When we bring care to the patient, we also:

  • Commit to lowering the cost of care
  • Achieve higher patient satisfaction
  • Lower complications, infections, & hospital readmissions
  • Improve outcomes & results

Anastacio’s Results

As an 88-year-old diabetic, Anastacio had a non-healing diabetic wound for greater than 6 months, peripheral vascular disease, poor access to advanced healthcare, and a history of hospital readmission. When Wound MD came into Anastacio’s home, they were able to coordinate an appointment with the Vascular Specialist for lower extremity intervention. After he underwent revascularization, Wound MD was able to proceed with serial wound debridements and advanced wound care modalities, including a skin substitute application. Wound MD also coordinated with his Primary Care provider and Home Health Care agency to prevent complications and readmission while his wound healed. Anastacio’s wound successfully healed and resulted in high patient satisfaction.

Erica’s Results

After Erica underwent surgery, she noticed her surgical wound was not healing properly. Wound MD provided Erica with easy access to vital wound care services in the comfort of her own home, including a molecular wound culture, advanced wound care, and serial wound debridements. Wound MD was able to collaborate with her Primary Care provider, General Surgeon, and Home Health Care agency during her care.  Erica’s wound successfully healed, preventing further complications, hospital visits, additional surgery, and resulted in high patient satisfaction.

Frank’s Results

After Frank suffered an injury resulting in a non-healing wound and hospital admission, Wound MD was consulted to evaluate and treat the patient in the comfort of his home. Luckily, Wound MD was able to provide mobile X-rays, mobile non-invasive vascular studies, molecular wound culture, and use of an antibacterial wound matrix to heal his wound. During his care, Wound MD coordinated with the Home Health Care Agency to ensure Frank’s wound healed properly. This resulted in the prevention of any complication, including hospital readmission, and in high patient satisfaction.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients and Partners

For the past 20 years I’ve worked with podiatrists and wound centers in Florida and across the country. At WoundMD, Dr.Rivera,DPM and staff are second to none...Thank you Dr.Rivera and Johanna. Greatly appreciate all you have done. Keep up the excellent work.

Jamey Bolla


Best doctor I ever had. He made contact immediately and saw him within days. Nursing staff is top notch and very knowledgeable. He healed a wound I had on my leg for a year and a half and still follows up monthly to make sure I am ok.

Kimmie Marshall


I have been in the medical industry for over 20 years and out of all of the medical practices I have partnered with, Dr. Rivera’s group stands out at the top...Highly recommend his services and commend his “treat every patient like family” mentality.

Chris Merritt BSN, RN, WCC


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