Benefits to Patients

Exceptional Wound Care in the Comfort of Your Home

From advanced procedures that can be done in your home to an entire support team dedicated to your success, WoundMD offers unbeatable benefits.

No More Waiting Rooms

All advanced wound care procedures are in-home and tailored to the needs of each patient, creating better outcomes, improved quality of life, and stress-free experiences.

No More Transportation & Additional Costs

Eliminate transportation expenses and avoid costs associated with missing in-clinic appointments. WoundMD is covered by most insurance plans and allows patients to heal in the convenience of their own homes.

No More Suffering

Each patient receives easy access to hands-on care from their very own oversight physician, patient care coordinator, and medical assistant. This boosts overall satisfaction, value, and compliance.


Benefit From Revolutionary Preventative Care

Through our advanced wound care services and diagnostic services such as x-rays, ultrasound, wound cultures, and custom bracing, WoundMD can help reduce diabetic amputation rates up to 80%.

Our Patient Promise

At WoundMD, our mission is to ensure every patient has quick access to state-of-the-art wound care, so they can have a higher quality of life. We do this through our three pillars: access, education, and support.

Easy Access to Advanced Wound Care Treatments

No need to wait around and hope your wounds cure themselves.

With your very own WoundMD provider and care team on your side, your wounds can be addressed and treated before they cause more health issues - even from your couch or bedside!


Vital Education to Reduce Chronic Wounds & Amputation

Did you know that more than 50% of diabetic foot ulcers become infected? In fact, diabetes contributes to approximately 80% of 120,000 non-traumatic amputations annually in the U.S.

WoundMD strives to provide you and your loved ones with the information you need to seek appropriate medical treatment - before it’s too late.

Responsive & Caring Support Team

From the moment you become a part of our family, you will receive an entire support system that caters to all of your wound care needs.


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